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Dental Implant Restorations in Newnan, GA

Missing teeth cause functional and esthetic issues in the smile. Dental implants provide a comprehensive replacement for the roots and crowns of teeth, completely restoring a patient’s ability to speak and eat with confidence. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Shrenna Clifton for dental implant restorations in Newnan, GA today!

Your Smile, Our Commitment

A smile is beautiful when it is complete and maintains good oral health. Dentures and bridges work as a temporary fix, but at the cost of reliable function and permanence. Dental implants prevent issues commonly associated with traditional methods while supporting healthy structure for both the jaw bone and the prosthetic replacement. Smiles by Shrenna Clifton offers the following dental implant restorations in Newnan:

Single-unit crowns replace a single missing tooth at any point in the smile. Using one implant, a post is placed in the missing space to replace the root. This procedure can be essential in order to preserve healthy dental structure following an extraction or avulsion.

Multi-unit bridges work best for a small number of missing teeth. This is accomplished using up to three dental implants that preserve existing dental structure. While traditional methods require existing teeth to be altered, implant-supported bridges gather its support directly from the jaw bone.

Implant-supported full and partial dentures replace an entire row of teeth using four to eight implants. These are placed in ideal positions for optimal strength and support, utilizing bone tissue with the greatest density. A denture affixes to the implant posts and are permanently in place, supplying the strength necessary for renewed bite power.

Our restorations are custom crafted using high-quality zirconia and e.max. We send impressions to our local lab to ensure quality craftsmanship and excellent dental beauty. These customized restorations blend with the color of the smile and appear just like natural teeth. Once you’ve undergone an implant placement procedure performed by a trusted surgeon, Dr. Clifton affixes your restorations and completes your new set of teeth.

Experience the Difference

Dentures and bridges may provide minor functional benefits to a smile that was missing teeth, but these prosthetic teeth are more likely to shift out of position and cause several other dental issues. Dental implants prevent bone from shrinking and preserves the alignment of teeth, helping you keep your smile for an entire lifetime.

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For more information about replacing missing teeth, call our Newnan dental practice to schedule a consultation with Smiles by Shrenna Clifton for dental implants. We’ll give you a comprehensive evaluation of your needs and determine your best choice for restoring your smile.

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